PRODUCTSParallel Flange Beams


We supply Parallel flange beams . These products have gained popularity in recent times due to their advantage of more loading carrying capacity in compare to section weight. Use of the same allows the work to be completed in less time. Thus reduces the project cost.

They are normally designated as UB, IPE, IPEA, IPEO, HEA, HEB, HEM, WPB. The details of Parallel flange beams are shown in the section chart below.

  •  Section Chart for Parallel flange beams, Universal columns (UB, UC, IPE, IPEA, IPEO, HEA, HEB, HEM, WPB.)
  • UB-British Universal Beams
  • UC-British Universal Columns
  • NPB-Narrow Parallel Flange Beams.
  • WPB-Wide Parallel Flange Beams.
  • HE-European Wide Flange Beams.
  • IPE-European Narrow Flange Parallel Beams.
  • The data given above in chart are indicative. Actual results may vary.